Finishing made easy

RodFINE – easy-operated busbar head finishing machine will increase your busbar part quality fast with high accuracy. The RodFINE is a machine combining high production rates without compromising part accuracy and overall quality.

The machine is very easy to operate, as even an inexperienced technician can operate it without a special programming background.
RodFINE’s small footprint will save you space, allowing convenient placement just next to the punching machine and enabling easy access.


RodFINE was designed to meet your standard and special requirements:

RodFINE A type:

To operate a RodFINE A type machine you only have to provide the busbar dimensions, using the machine’s touchscreen panel. After this, the machine control will take care of the rest.

RodFINE C type:

The RodFINE C type’s measuring unit detects the busbar dimensions automatically, generating the exact path for the milling bit. This eliminates the potential of programming errors caused by manual user input.

RodFINE E type:

Whenever you need specialty components, our RodFINE E type can be programmed to make more complex components for special applications.

Each machine of the RodFINE series features automatic part clamping, saving time for the operator, which can be used to prepare the next part to be processed.

Easy to use
Energy efficiency
Consistency of part quality

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