Robotic Busbar Processing

Rodstein is a supplier of the world’s most efficient busbar manufacturing technologies. The servo-electric solutions challenge hydraulic machines, with outstanding energy efficiency and production speed, with automatic tool-change options simply not available elsewhere in the market.

Presenting the Next Generation in Busbar Punching and Bending Machines

Our servo-electric machines are designed to lower costs and save energy. With the capacity of punching and bending up to 1000 ton/shift/year, RodFLAT and RodFORM machines take processing copper and aluminum flat bar to the next level. Automation can also be supplied to remove material handling requirements between punching, bending and storage of both raw materials and finished products.


Ready to revolutionize your production?

Rodstein provides a range of fully servo-electric tools for punching and bending of both aluminum and copper. RodFLAT and RodFORM punching and bending machines adapt to your needs, whether you are looking to speed up your existing processes or setting up new operations. The automatic tool change and servo-electric solutions are designed to save you both time and money. With our years of experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering you cutting-edge service and technology from design to maintenance.

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